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Reducing Tobacco Use Among Pregnant Teens and Young Adult Women

  • 21 Oct 2014
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Charlottesville/Albemarle Health Department

This course will provide information on tobacco addiction, USPHS Clinical Practice Guideline treatment recommendations, and how to counsel pregnant teens/young adults about their tobacco use, both those ready to quit and those not yet willing. Detailed information on pharmacotherapy and additional resources will be provided. Focus will be on training participants to implement effective evidence-based cessation interventions tailored to pregnant tobacco users, especially within settings that serve Medicaid/uninsured such as Community Service Boards.

Key Learning Objectives 

  • Recognize major risks of prenatal smoking and benefits of quitting
  • Learn about biopsychosocial nature of tobacco dependence and Stages of Change
  • Become aware of USPHS Clinical Practice Guideline key findings and recommendations
  • Learn elements of evidence-based counseling for cessation
  • Gain understanding of tailoring interventions to pregnant teens/young adults
  • Learn how to utilize quit line referral in order to provide augmented cessation services for pregnant teens/young adults
  • Identify sources of additional resources
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