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The President's Message

March 1, 2021

Welcome! Thank you for your membership in Virginia's Public Health Association and your commitment to our mission of improving the public's health in Virginia by strengthening public health practice and promoting sound public health policy.

Based on your feedback from our membership survey we have launched a newsletter to inform you of the association's activities and share opportunities to advance Virginia's public health. The newsletter will be published on a bi-monthly basis.

Our theme this month is engagement. From the membership survey, VPHA members said loud and clear that they want opportunities to engage with VPHA, and we will provide them. Therefore we are offering opportunities to strengthen VPHA, connect with your colleagues, and share your research with the public.

Finally, we need your feedback. Please let us know what you think the newsletter, its frequency, and anything else we can do to better serve the association. Please join us on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 12:00pm EST for a VPHA Virtual Town Hall. We will update members on the association's activities and goals for this year. We also want to hear your feedback on how the association can best serve members and improve public health in Virginia. Register for the Virtual Town Hall here!

Over the last six months we have offered several free webinars related to COVID-19 and vaccines and will continue to offer more. You can review a pre-recorded webinar on “Current Trends in Alcohol Use and Alcohol-Related Consequences” by Brianna Bonat Data, Research, and Evaluation Coordinator at Virginia ABC: HERE.  More information can be found on the VA ABC website As a member you will receive updates regarding additional webinars, conferences, and other professional development opportunities.

In Good Health,
Ashley Tharpe

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