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Connecting the voices of public health in Virginia

The Virginia Public Health Association (VPHA) is an alliance of multi-disciplinary health professionals from the public and private sectors committed to improving the health of all Virginians. Founded in 1950, VPHA represents the public’s interest in the health of all Virginia residents and is an affiliate of the American Public Health Association (


Achieve significant improvements in public health practice and policy in the Commonwealth of Virginia


To improve the public’s health in Virginia by strengthening public health practice and promoting sound public health policy.

Why Join?

VPHA offers its members valuable opportunities to: share knowledge and experiences and exchange ideas with other public health professionals on multiple public health issues; develop leadership skills; learn about some of the latest developments in our e-newsletter and through the news feeds on our website; receive discounts on VPHA sponsored events, and more. If you would like to develop your connections and strengthen the role of VPHA in the community, please join our organization!

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