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It has been said that you only get as much out of a membership as you put into it. We encourage you to volunteer with the Virginia Public Health Association, either on a standing committee, the Board of Directors, or for a task force. This is a great way for you to get more from your membership – meet more members to expand your professional network, hone your leadership skills, improve public health in Virginia - and help VAPHA at the same time.

2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan

In March of 2016, the VAPHA Board met to develop a strategic plan to guide Board efforts over the next 3-5 years.


The mission of the Association is to improve the public’s health in Virginia by strengthening public health practice, promoting sound public health policy, improving health indicators in Virginia, and serving as a forum for all of the voices of public health in Virginia to be heard.

Practical Vision

The practical vision illustrates the VAPHA Board’s pragmatic hopes and aspirations for the future of the VAPHA.

In 3-5 years, what do we want the VAPHA to achieve as a result of our involvement?

Sustainable Infrastructure and Governance

Active Engagement in Public Health Practice and Research

Impactful Public Health Advocacy

Robust Member Services

  • An executive director
  • Financial stability
  • Sustainable funding
  • Diverse Board representation
  • Brand recognition
  • Social media communications
  • The professional home and identity for public health professionals in Virginia
  • The recognized professional organization for public health in Virginia
  • Grant funded research and programs with member participation
  •  The mechanism for public health advocacy
  • Influencing public health research and practice through advocacy.
  • Having a “seat at the table;” VAPHA representation requested on various VA task forces, workgroups and coalitions.
  • Doubled membership
  • Annual premiere public health conference
  • The go-to organization for professional development
  • Networking and professional opportunities for members
  • Student engagement and leadership opportunities
  • Recruitment resource for public health professionals and students.

VAPHA Strategy Committees

The VAPHA Board identified several strategies to achieve the practical vision that is articulated above. These strategies comprise the work of the first four VAPHA committees identified below - Development and Outreach, Web and Social Media, Annual Events and Professional Development, and Membership Expansion. In addition, VAPHA will also have a Policy and Advocacy Committee. Please contact us to join a committee - we welcome your skills and enthusiasm!

Development and Outreach Committee

This committee works to grow the funding and strengthen the infrastructure of VAPHA; improve cooperation with the Virginia Department of Health; and promote and engage in new partnerships with our institutional members (Eastern Virginia Medical School, George Mason University, Liberty University, Old Dominion University, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University,  and Virginia Tech ).

Web and Social Media Communications Committee

This committee aims to create a strong social media presence for VAPHA to provide information and promote events; provide current and useful web content; and create a database of all organizations involved in public health in Virginia.

Annual Events and Professional Development Committee

This committee oversees the planning and development of all VAPHA professional development programs including the hosting of an annual career fair and conference and support for the Virginia Public Health Training Center.

Membership Expansion Committee

This committee is responsible for working with the VAPHA administrator to recruit new members and retain existing members, as well as exploring options to add value to joint VAPHA-APHA membership. The committee is also focused on enhancing Board membership (including obtaining additional representation from Health Districts); fostering and facilitating student membership; and engaging membership and student interns as volunteers.

Policy and Advocacy Committee

The VAPHA Policy Committee will work to inform our members, policy makers and the general public of the facts surrounding public health policy in a non-partisan way, working to assure that VAPHA continues to connect all of the voices of public health in Virginia.

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